Eur ’19 | Vanning in Luxembourg!

We only spent a few days travelling through Luxembourg and so our vanning experience in this little gem of a country is limited. We continued the habit we had picked up in Belgium, visiting the attractions and towns/cities during the day and venturing out into the more rural areas to find a decent spot to spend the night.

Our first night was spent in the north, heading for an area on the map with a few ponds/lakes and forested sections we hoped we would easily find somewhere tucked away. We ended up near a campsite that had been closed down, and found a small field that was left specifically for campervans and motorhomes to use.


We would normally hold on to the hope of finding something more secluded and remote. However, the evening was drawing on and the place was empty apart from a cheery dog-walker who waved to us enthusiastically. The surrounding forest was pleasantly melodious with bird song and the evening sky was reflecting from the small body of calm water just a short distance away. We were lured in and it served its purpose perfectly!


We enjoyed a long evening walk across the surrounding fields, the sky golden as the sun dipped towards the horizon. Then we were in the trees, the undulating and meandering forestry tracks were easy to follow, taking us in the general direction of the van. The birdsong filled the air right up until last light and we spent our evening having a leisurely dinner and lounging around on the long grass.


The morning was grey and drizzly but with the door pretty much parallel to the treeline it was delightful to stay cosy in bed and watch the birds flitting through the branches, busy as always – I even got to see my first firecrest!


For our second and last night in Luxembourg we were treated to wide stretches of undulating forest. We had been visiting the various chateaux during the day, making our way down the country and with Luxembourg City as ‘tomorrow’s’ destination it made sense that we spent the night towards the south.


Venturing in, the single track roads would give way to bumpy unused forestry tracks which we followed slowly, hoping they would lead somewhere. The repetitive trunks of the forest swept away from us and a tangle of deciduous, broad-leaf trees were growing wherever the road cut through the mass, making the most of the extra light. The terrain was craggy, small cliffs loomed over as steep banks fell away and the forest floor was awash with ferns and low-growing shrubbery.


We perched the van on the edge of a gravely track and got straight down to cooking dinner. The light faded quickly under the dense boughs and before we knew it we were looking out the doors into the pitch black. From every angle came loud rustling in the undergrowth but no matter how quick we were with a head torch we didn’t spot a single thing – not a single pair of bright eyes looking back at us, although the soothing tones of the owl, calling through the trees, as we fell asleep made up for it!

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  1. Todd Jones says:

    Such a beautiful van, inside and out!


    1. Journey Far : WM says:

      Thank you – they are a labour of love, aren’t they! 🙂


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