#6 Our Van Has Windows

First main job is done – the van has windows!

We did an online search for campervan window installation in our area and three businesses popped up. The plan – call them all, get quotes and book in with whichever seemed the best. This sounds remarkably simple but in actuality it took several days to even get this far, between phones ringing out and waiting for emails to be returned. Nevertheless, we got there in the end.

We decided on our chosen company, whose prices were handily included on their website, and were all set to book in – until we contacted them. The conversation started of fine; they were happy to do the job and were free on the day we requested, then they guy told me that he was actually off to New Zealand (lucky fellow!) but, and I quote, ‘I suppose Liam (or Luke, or Lee – cannae remember!) could do it as well’. This didn’t fill me with confidence – he should know outright that his colleague could do the job in his absence, not suppose it. Then he went on to ask if I had been in touch with… another company.

He then proceeded to tell me how they used bad quality glass. He stated his prices may be a bit more expensive, but he lets the product speak for itself, as everything he uses is extremely good quality and you just can’t be sure you are getting that from other companies. I appreciated his point, he was a tad more expensive and you can’t ever be sure of the quality of something before you get it, but… I didn’t ask. The fact that he was willing to introduce to the conversation and outright criticise a neighbouring company without any prompting from myself seemed a little off.

We had done a bit of research about them on the various self-build camper forums we read, but this pushed us a dig a little deeper. There was nothing spectacularly awful coming out, many good reviews and as always some bad. However, one showed pictures of a window done by them that hadn’t been glued/bonded properly and had come off in the first week (I wonder if it was Liam/Luke/Lee that did this one?) They stated they had gone elsewhere to get it fixed and this other company had done a great job.  The other company wasn’t one of the three, they didn’t specialise in camper windows – they were simply windscreen and window specialists.

Their set up looked professional so we called up to get a quote, it was over £150 cheaper to get the windows fitted. They also stock branded glass which gets shipped all over the country so they can fit you in whenever, just give them a call and turn up in the morning. And they did a brilliant job!

We now have a window on the side loading door and two on the barn doors at the back, all in privacy glass and all trimmed extremely neatly on the inside. The service was professional and efficient, and we would highly recommend them!


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