#19 Gluing the Lino, Securing Ceiling Struts and Carpeting Wall Ply

With the lino cut to size the previous day (http://bit.ly/18Carpet) we were able to get stuck right in, gluing it down. We also did the final checks on the wall ply sizing and got both pieces carpeted, ready to be screwed on and secured the ceiling struts in place.

Gluing Down the Lino

With Callum’s precision work the day before, the lino was in place and fitted perfectly! We commenced the gluing on the driver’s side of the van and using our much-loved Trimfix we glued about 1.5-2ft of the lino down for the full length of the van. We did the usual double spray, wait for it to start bonding and then put the lino down, pushing along the surface to the edges to remove any air bubbles. With that first section done, we swapped sides and rolled the other edge back to where we had already glued. In two more sections we did exactly what we did before, gluing and smoothing for the full length of the van each time until the final layer of our floor was in place.

An easy, yet very satisfying way to start the day!

1 DSC_1309.JPG

Carpeting the Wall Ply

After one last check that everything still fit, now that we had added a layer of lino, we decided to carpet the wall ply. We started with the smaller of the two panels and lay it flat, face up on the workbenches. The carpet had been cut to size previously, leaving a 5cm edge all the way round (including the cuts out areas for the wheel arches) so we were ready to get gluing.

We laid the carpet on top and using yet another can of TrimFix we started to affix the carpet to the ply. Doing about 30cm at a time we applied the glue, pulled the carpet taught and smoothed out the material to avoid any air bubbles or creases. Once we had done this for the full piece we turned it over and got to work on those edges.

1 DSC_1343.JPG

1 DSC_1348

Again using the glue, we did a section at a time stretching the carpet as much as we could around the edge of the ply and affixing it to what is essentially the back of the wall. This is where the carpet really shows its worth, it stretches easily around the edge, even on curves where it seems like it would never make it round, smoothing out any imperfections in the ply edges.

With the first wall done, we moved onto the second, longer piece of ply and this one went on just as easily as the first! All in all, a quick and easy job which, once again, feels likes massive progress!

1 DSC_1362

1 DSC_1368

Ceiling Struts

Previously (http://bit.ly/15Re-Foil) we had measured and cut our ceiling struts, leaving them unsecured in their brackets. We used a bit of time at the end of the day to get these screws into the ceiling battens and secured in place.

We started with the screw length we thought most appropriate but a couple didn’t take full hold and popped back out. We decided to use longer screws and drill pilot holes, as there was a chance they would now be going through the metal ‘juts’ as well as outer battens. After that adjustment all the screws went in fine and we finished off my securing them to the brackets they had previously been resting on.

1 DSC_1330.JPG

We couldn’t resist putting the walls in place once they were carpeted (although not yet securing them) and were so happy with our progress over the last couple of days. It went from being a van we were working on to looking almost finished! The floor looked great, we were really happy with our choice of colour/design, and the carpeted walls made it look like a camper – everything looked really smart all of a sudden and we ended the day feeling really pleased with everything we had achieved. We are definitely two very happy campers (ahem).

1 DSC_1406.JPG

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