#1 The Decision…

We are buying a van!


After years of camping around the the Lake District and Scotland, spending weeks living out the back of a car and our packs, we decided that the only sensible direction to move in is to buy a van. Something small and inconspicuous, something that will tuck away and help us disappear into the wilderness a little. Something that will hopefully make the stormy nights more comfortable and allow the journeys to become longer, further, deeper.


We have only scratched the surface of Scotland, and with a few of the luxuries that a van can offer, we will be able to travel greater distances, discovering more of the hidden gems that that insanely beautiful country has to offer. Spending longer durations on the road, we can reach all those nooks and crannies we have yet to stumble across and generally indulge a little more in life on the road, vanlife if you will. This decision is a no-brainer!

Following from the first entirely sensible decision came the second, somewhat less sensible decision – we are going to do the conversion ourselves, almost entirely. It is a big project, but a project that has been undertaken by thousands of people before us and will be taken on by thousands of people after us. So, how hard could it really be? I mean, we built ourselves a canoe at the beginning of the year and it floated just fine, this will be a piece of cake… right?!

I suppose we are going to find out!

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  1. James Douglass says:

    The movie is a great advert for Scotland! What a wonderful sample of what life outdoors can be.


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