#2 A Weekend Away With An Ulterior Motive

After sorting out the boring finances bit (a total lie, I am one of those people that loves a good spreadsheet) we moved swiftly into the perusing stage.

I have to admit we spend a lot of time on Auto Trader, and if not actually looking discussions around preferences, deal breakers and general van things ensue. It is taking up a lot of our time, I don’t mind though as it’s all very exciting. They seem to come and go quite quickly, but there are a couple of good ones up in Scotland which we have decided to go and visit. It coincides with our annual January ‘wintry weekend away’, not coincidentally, I have to admit. We had originally planned to start looking properly around March time, a few extra months of saving seemed wise. Then we looked at our budget and realised that we were good to go. Then we found some suitable vans in Scotland. Then it dawned on us that we had an impending trip already on the cards. Then we decided to ignore March altogether and just go for it.

So, next weekend we travel across the border, spend a couple of nights camping and walking and then go, with a slight 65 miles detour, to see some vans on our way home. All the while, hopefully keeping in mind the dangers of getting swept up in vehicle buying, it is all too easy to ignore those niggling gut feelings because excitement takes over. This we will try and avoid at all costs!

Scotland is beautiful this time of year, so even if the vans aren’t right it will still be a great little break away. With only a few days we tend to spend our time in and around the Trossachs, being outside of the newly introduced camping management zone months is also a bonus.

6 20170113_115032_Richtone(HDR)

Almost exactly this time last year we were doing the same thing in the same place, it was snowy and quiet, truly stunning, and it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. Cooking dinner outside on a stove in temperatures of -5°C proved entertaining, and considering the snowy weather we have just been having, I am wondering if this year might offer similar experiences.  These things often add greater enjoyment to a trip for me, a story to tell, an adventure. Although, Quinn has aged significantly in the last year so we will have to tailor our excursions to ensure she is plenty warm enough and not overexerting herself.

I am thoroughly looking forward to it!

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