#15 Re-foiling, Removing Factory Fitted Lights and Wall Trimming

The day consisted of redoing a job, finishing said job, removing the factory fitted door lights and making sure our ply walls fit perfectly with all the new layers of insulation and ply we have added!


We had to retrace our steps as the ceiling foil we had put in place the previous week had failed us! Well… the tape had failed us and the whole lot ended up hanging down sad and limp. The wool, on the other hand, was still firmly in place – once again huzzah for Trimfix! The wool had expended nicely with the aid of gravity over the past week, and we reckon that the additional pressure this put on the tape, slowly pushing against it, caused the tape to give way. Thankfully we had only done 2 sections, so redoing these didn’t take us too long, however it is always a little frustrating to go backwards, even if only a little. We decided to call on our trusty roll of Gorilla tape for assistance!

1 DSC_0951 small.jpg
Redoing the original two sections

Gorilla tape is great, we recently had a broken air intake pipe in the car and we used this stuff as a temporary fix, it held everything in place, sealing it up so it drove almost perfectly (almost) allowing us to get it home and then to the garage. Despite the high temperatures of a car engine it held perfectly and I have been a stout believer in it ever since – we have also used the liquid glue to patch our canoe and, once again, worked like a charm!

We used the gorilla tape to do the initial sticking up, as we did previously, and then sealed the edges with the ali tape as normal, with the confidence that there was a stronger infrastructure keeping everything in place. We continued working until the ceiling was completely done.

1 DSC_1017 small
Working through the rest of the sections

We had a fair bit of left over wood from doing the wall battens and decided  to use this to create ceiling ‘struts’. Cutting them to fit the length of the van, these fit onto the right angled brackets we put in place previously. We didn’t secure these in place at this point as they weren’t going anywhere once on the brackets, however – we thought it would offer some support to doubly ensure we didn’t have to foil and tape the ceiling for a third time!

Ceiling completely foiled and taped with struts in place


Factory Fitted Lights

Our Trafic came with two factory fitted lights in the back, one in the middle of the roof by the side loading door and one at the back over the barn doors. These are the usual lights which come on automatically when the doors are opened and we decided we didn’t want or need them going forward. The first one (by the side loading door) came out easily, the wires were taped up and tucked away and and that was that. The one at the back was a different matter, our trusty Haynes manual informed us that a plastic spatula can be used to pop the light out, in truth this job took two screwdrivers wedged in each side and a metal ruler for leverage. We took a fair amount of paint off the van and a fair amount of skin off Callum’s hand. We did get it off eventually, although it definitely wasn’t in a reusable condition! Now we have coated the numerous scratches in red oxide primer and taped and tucked the wires, we don’t have to think about it again.

‘Comes of easily with a plastic spatula’ they said…

Wall Trimming       

Thankfully due to the great condition of the van we have been able to reuse the wall ply that came with it. However, with all the different stages and layers of insulation etc. we were sure they would no longer be a perfect fit. We spent a bit of time in the afternoon getting the walls back in and marking any areas that needed trimming in order to make them fit.

There was a significant amount to be taken of the height of each wall, but some adjustments were also needed around the wheel arches and in the corners. This was another process of trial and error; the larger sections could be removed using the jigsaw – and we found out that I am an absolute pro with a jigsaw, unexpectedly much better than Callum! And the smaller areas we either sanded or planed, just as we did with the floor ply, although being around half the thickness the walls were much easier.

All in all a fairly productive day – it was nice to end the day with a big job fully completed, ready to start on the next thing straight away next time!

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