#16 Wall Trimming & Final Floor Prep

We spent the day doing the final preparation on the ply we had previously cut out for the floor and started the re-sizing of the wall ply ready to be carpeted and screwed in place. Our day began at the timber merchants again, this time to get the 3mm ply for our ceiling – we weren’t going to use it straight away but since we have somewhere to store it we thought we would plan ahead.

Floor Ply

After getting the floor to fit in its three pieces we had a few more steps we wanted/needed to do before it could be secured in place. We purchased a footplate to go by the side loading door as well as a long one for the barn doors, the ply needed to be cut so that these would fit in place. We measured the areas which needed to be removed and then jigsawed them out. It was an easy job which was done in a flash.

Once we made sure everything fit in satisfactorily we decided to add a coat of varnish to the ply, as an extra layer of protection against moisture. The previous work with the gold floor meant this is probably a superfluous addition, however we had a tin of basic yacht varnish and it was sunny so we knew it would dry quickly, so we though – why not?!

1 DSC_1136 edit.jpg

I varnished each panel with a fairly generous layer and, because of the weather, we could leave them outside, they were touch-dry in 15-20 minutes. I did the flat surfaces and then returned to do the edges afterwards.

Once they were fully dry and ready to go back into the van we gave it a quick hoover to get rid of any dirt and we places the panels back in – ready to be secured in place during our next van day.

Wall Trimming

Once we knew the floor was ready to go it allowed us to confidently start re-sizing our wall ply. The additional layers from insulating and the 12mm ply we had used for the floor meant that our walls were now too big to fit back in. We took some measurements of how much was excess, jigsawed off the main bulk and then used the plane to trim off little by little until they fit back in the van flushly.

1 DSC_1090.JPG

We were conscious that we still had lino and carpet to add into the equation so we didn’t make the measurements too exact, a couple of mm extra off the bottom would put us in good stead for everything to fit in its final state. We also marked out and drilled a hole to accommodate the conduit, which we put in place earlier in the build – this was surprisingly fiddly and we ended up being a small amount out on the first attempt. After drilling a second time and creating a larger oblong hole it fit just fine and didn’t look too messy (which we weren’t too worried about as it will end up being under carpet and behind a cabinet!)

Whilst I was varnishing Callum was busy in the workshop practising his wiring etc. for when we get started on the electrics. It is the first time he will be giving something of this scale a go and he thought it would be beneficial to really get to know everything he will be working with before the real thing! From what I hear, it all went well!

1 DSC_1079.JPG

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