#12 Extra Battens, a Gold Floor and Seatbelt Tensioner Upgrade

We used this day to get the floor fully prepared for the new ply to go down as well as altering some wiring around the swivel plate to make it a lot more user friendly.

Extra Battens

With the van walls fully foiled, creating a decent vapour barrier, we decided to move on to the floor. With the floor ply in place we assessed any areas of give with the view to put some extra floor battens in place. Only a couple of extra pieces of wood were needed and these were near the edges, where there was no support from the ridges that run lengthways down the van floor. We were able to use the left over wood from the wall battens as they were the same depth and only small lengths were needed, always good to not have to buy more! We used the same process as the rest of the floor battens and glued them down using our handy tube of silicon glue.


Gold Floor Insulation

We decided on a fairly thin layer of insulation under the floor, being a low roof we didn’t want to start eating away at our already limited height. We chose something thin but effective, it is a dense foam, about 6mm in depth, which offers fair insulation and some sound proofing qualities also – it is also foil backed, so when in place and edges sealed with ali tape will offer another vapour barrier. This particular stuff uses gold foil, so for a while our van is going to have shiny silver walls and ceiling and a shiny gold floor – It’s going to look… awesome…

We started by foiling the wheel arches, using TrimFix to fix it in place, it took a little snipping and shaping to make sure there weren’t too many lumps and bumps from overlaps – this attention to detail felt essential as we would be carpeting straight onto this foil layer. The material itself is easy to use, however the foil is fairly thin so care was needed to avoid poking holes in it while I was cutting my tape and using (dropping) my scissors.


The roll of gold was a metre wide, so when tackling to main van floor we decided to run two pieces down the full length. We were left with a bit of an overlap in the middle but weren’t too worried as the ply floor would squash it into all the groves where necessary and level it out. We started at the bulk head with the roll on our laps, doing one half at a time and section by section, we sprayed a decent layer of glue on the floor and material before rolling it out and pressing into all the ridges of the floor. The edges curved up the wall until they met the silver and we cut out any areas like the wheel arches as we moved our way down the van. It was a quick process with just the taping to do afterwards. As always the TrimFix worked a treat and in no time we had a well-insulated, but arguably more important, a sparkly gold floor!


Whilst sat applying the aluminium tape I managed to pull a muscle in my neck – no idea how I managed to do that sat down, barely moving but I did… must be a sign of age! Therefore the taping would have to wait until next time.


Seatbelt Tensioner Upgrade

Earlier in the day, whilst I was foiling the wheel arches, Callum made a little upgrade to our swivel seat. In order for the swivel seat to rotate you have to unplug the seat belt tensioner and plug it back in every time. We bought a 4 core coiled cable (although it only needed 2 core in the end), cut the original wire and soldered the new coiled cable in place. This will allow us to be able to swivel the seat without having to unplug it every time, or worse, forget and shear the wire completely! It works a treat, just need to fasten in a little more tidily.


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