Denmark 4 | The Wadden Sea & Trees for Hammocking

Our day started bright and ready to head to the coast where a causeway crosses the Wadden Sea to the small island of Mandø. The small country roads were quiet as we drove out of Ribe, and the further out we got the more greenery there was surrounding each house we passed. The sky was…

Denmark 3 | Viking Settlements & Scandinavia’s Oldest Town

After our second night in the cosy barn conversion in Rødvig we awoke to another beautiful morning. Once again I wandered across the field to the little bench perched on the cliff edge, the thin, wispy clouds veiled the entire sky in silver – it wasn’t yet a ‘sunny’ day but everything was exceptionally bright….

Denmark 2 | Møns Klint, Neolithic Tombs and 13th C Frescoes

I awoke to an enticing orange glow from the window, peeking out I noticed it was from the rising sun and this was enough to get me out of bed to go and explore. Just across the road from our little barn conversion, past a small field was the cliff edge overlooking the Baltic Sea….

Denmark 1 | Through Roskilde and on to Rødvig

An early(ish) flight from Manchester had led to us sleeping in the van the night before; we wanted to avoid the cost of a hotel or a disgustingly early drive down there from the Lakes. It meant the very start of our journey was very easy, bags were already packed, parking for the van had…

#25 Building the Bed!

As mentioned in the previous post about building the bulkhead we had to work out our measurements to tie in perfectly with both pieces of furniture. We knew the width and length we were going for and just needed to decide upon the height before we could start. We started with the main frame, but…